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Synchronous Vacation Photos

I love seeing photos that are near reflections of each other. I don’t know what to call this—synchronicity, mirror images, whatever. There has to be a better way to describe them. But I love them.

While on vacation this year I managed to add a new chapter to several such photos:

1986: Me, my brother, and my dad (Grand Lake, I think)
Hendricks Boys 1986 (Rocky Mountain National Park Style)

2002: Me and my wife (Estes Park)
Kevin & Abby with the RMNP Sign

2014: My wife and I (Grand Lake)
Rocky Mountain National Park West Gate

2017: Milo, Lexi and me.
Rocky Mountain National Park

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Lexi Does Johnny Cash: Devil’s Right Hand

One of my favorite Johnny Cash songs is “Devil’s Right Hand.” It’s on a playlist I created of half Lexi’s music and half my music (I can only stand so much Veggie Tales). I guess we’ve been playing that list a little too much lately, because now “Devil’s Right Hand” appears to be one of Lexi’s favorites.

Abby alluded to it yesterday and now here’s a bit of the original followed by Lexi’s rendition:

You can snag a copy of “Devil’s Right Hand.” It’s included in the Unearthed box set:

iTunes: Single / Box set

Amazon: Digital Single / Digital Box set / CD box set

Family Photo Shoot

Hendricks Family Photo ShootWay back in June we did a family photo shoot with Barbara O’Brien at her White Robin Farm in Wisconsin. It was a beautiful drive out there (I think I missed a turn and took a longer, more scenic detour) and we had a lot of fun doing a relaxed, non-studio family photo shoot. And I finally got around to posting the pictures: Check ’em out.

When we pulled up and got out of the car Lexi was all excited about the few cats milling about the yard. Then Barbara started calling the cats and they just started pouring out of the barn. She has at least 25 cats, and most of them came when she started calling.

In addition to the cats, Lexi chased the chickens, fed the horses and held a baby duck (she also manhandled the kittens and baby chicks). We got to run around, have some fun and the whole time Barbara took lots of pictures.

We highly recommend it.

Old Skool Family Pics

I just uploaded a ton of family pics to my Flickr account. I ransacked my parents’ pictures the last time were back and borrowed a few. Or 80. We did the same thing at Abby’s house and I wanted to get more of my family. I also realized how few pictures I have of my grandparents and my family. So I mostly went for pictures of my grandparents and my family, which gives a nice range of Hendricks family photos throughout the years.

A few of my favorites include:

There’s really too many I could talk about, but somebody might slip on some nostalgia and hurt themselves.

My First Photo

My first photo.Check it out. It’s my first photo. Taken in June of 1984 with my dad’s Pentax 35mm when I was 5 years old. The subjects are my dad and older brother, standing in the recently built pigeon house (yes, my dad raised pigeons in the wealthy suburbs of West Bloomfield).

My dad’s apparently been scanning old slides (you should see the ’84 Mustang GT). This one was marked “Kevin’s first picture,” and I vaguely remember taking it (though maybe that’s just a false memory

Snowman of Love

Valentine's Day SnowmanYesterday’s rain turned into snow overnight and we had a good three inches or so this morning. As I was shoveling the driveway I realized the wet, sticky snow was prime packing snow. So I invented a new way of clearing the driveway: rolling snowballs. I made a snowman on the hill in front of my house (pictured to the right), which was my masterpiece. Later in the morning I made three more in the backyard just for kicks. A tall one in front of the garage and two smaller ones. The sun’s already out and the snow’s melting pretty quickly, so I don’t expect them to last long. But hey, snowmen. I haven’t done this in a long time.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Check out my new toy!

Photo of me taken with my new iSightCheck me out. No seriously, check me out.

It’s a little hard to actually show you my new birthday toy, but I can show you what it does. That lovely photo of me is what it does. Basically makes it so even though I work in the comfort of my own home I can’t come to work in my underwear anymore. It’s iSight, the fancy little video-conferencing camera/microphone. Pretty nifty, huh?

All thanks to a client who wants to see my ugly mug rather than just talk on the phone. Thanks, man.