Is Your Church Ready to Quit? 166 Ways to Be a Quitter

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“You can’t be open to new opportunities if your life is full. We can’t change much if we don’t quit much.” – Bob Goff

Imagine the opportunities our churches are missing out on because we’re too busy doing what we’ve always done. What can our churches quit? We’ve got 166 ideas. It’s not a checklist to work through, but a list of [sometimes contradictory] suggestions to help your church evaluate what you’re doing. This is permission to stop doing something that’s no longer working. Our churches are busy. We’ve got burned out staff members and over-committed volunteers. We’ve got members too busy to show up every week and visitors wondering if we notice them.

“I used to be afraid of failing at something that really mattered to me,” says Bob Goff. “But now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.”

Our churches are too busy doing what’s good to do what’s great. Our churches have a few things we could stand to quit. Let’s start with “that’s how we’ve always done it.”


I had a lot of fun putting this book together. It started out as a series of posts on Church Marketing Sucks about churches quitting, inspired by Bob Goff—a guy who quits something every Thursday. It turned into a list of 30 things to quit, and then 30 more things to quit.

Then I ran with it, expanding the original ideas into an eventual list of 166 ideas with the help of some others. We didn’t set out to create a book, but people responded to the series and I really liked the concept.

In the end it’s a fun way of looking at things that can help slant your church’s perspective. It’s a cheap little book that could offer some real value for your church. Hope you like it!

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