Kevin: 2002 vs 2008; or Real Office vs. Home Office

Speaking of hair (or the lack thereof), I thought it’d be interesting to compare my current self to my 6 years ago self:

Me in 2002:
At My DeskKevin at Work

Me in 2008:
Hard at WorkHard at Work

Why compare the two? Hopefully it’s good fun, and not just my ego growing as big as my hair.

9 thoughts on “Kevin: 2002 vs 2008; or Real Office vs. Home Office”

  1. Isn’t it a little bizarre how small my Apple monitor looks? I swear, it isn’t that small. I don’t use an Etch-a-Sketch size screen!

    And yeah, the dress shirt looked a little more professional than the hoodie or the plain white T I was wearing before. So it is a little deceptive–I rarely dress like that at work. ;-)

  2. I like the long hair, man. It’s a good look for you. You still play Jesus in the church skits, right? :-)

    What else do I find interesting … 2 open cans of Pepsi, a bag of peanut M&Ms nearby, the Detroit Red Wings card on your bulletin board, somebody’s Twitter page up on your Web browser …

    And BTW, don’t feel like you have to lie about the hoodie and plain white T. I know you wear a dress shirt every day. You’re just wired like that, yo? ;-)

  3. after reading your previous entry and seeing the title to this one I was hoping to see a bic’d kevin looking back at me.

  4. Sadly, Steve, I’m not still playing Jesus in the youth group skits. Nobody’s asked me in a while, but if they do, I’m ready!

    And yeah, 2 open cans of Pepsi. Though they’re both empty and from different days, so that speaks more to my slobbiness than my caffeine addition (though I do have one of those). And yeah, go Wings!

    I’ll ignore that dress shirt comment, Steve. You’re just lucky I’m wearing pants! (or am I?)

    And Andy, sorry to let you know. While I love the shaving your head idea and might consider it in the near future, I’m hardly impulsive enough to just shave my head like that. In fact, I’m probably the opposite of impulsive.

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