Synchronous Vacation Photos

I love seeing photos that are near reflections of each other. I don’t know what to call this—synchronicity, mirror images, whatever. There has to be a better way to describe them. But I love them.

While on vacation this year I managed to add a new chapter to several such photos:

1986: Me, my brother, and my dad (Grand Lake, I think)
Hendricks Boys 1986 (Rocky Mountain National Park Style)

2002: Me and my wife (Estes Park)
Kevin & Abby with the RMNP Sign

2014: My wife and I (Grand Lake)
Rocky Mountain National Park West Gate

2017: Milo, Lexi and me.
Rocky Mountain National Park

Wall Drug

I’ve always thought the Wall Drug tourist trap in South Dakota is the most ridiculous and awesome place. So naturally, we take pictures there.

1990: My brother, me, my dad
Hendricks Boys 1990? (Wall Drug Style)

2002: Me

Kevin at Wall Drug

2017: Me


Picnic Stop

It’s a little harder to tell in these pictures, but this is a great rest stop along U.S. 40 in Colorado that my family always used to stop at on the way to Grand Lake. There’s a river flowing through the picnic area, and back then there were always huge trees that had fallen across the river so you could cross.

These photos are taken at about the same spot. For Milo and Lexi, the river was really low, so they’re actually standing where there was water in 1992. But just before we took the picture, they were standing on the bank where my brother and I stood 25 years earlier.

1992: My brother and I
Colorado Vacation

2017: Milo & Lexi
Lexi & Milo in Colorado

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