137 Books in One Year: How to Fall in Love With Reading

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A practical guide to reading a lot.

Author Kevin D. Hendricks read 137 books in 2012 without giving up TV, a day job or becoming completely antisocial. He shares what worked for him, including carrying a book everywhere, reclaiming idle moments and not being ashamed of genre.

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Reviews & Reactions:

“This book made me love reading again.” –Dolores M. Lynn

“Just what I needed to read to get myself excited about reading again” –Shelley Leiphart

“This is a book to read if you want to find the joy of reading again.” –Bookwi.se

“An easy-to-read, inviting, smart guide to getting into the groove of reading.” –Meredith Gould

“Hendricks doesn’t come off as ‘readier-than-thou.’ Rather, he shares a few tips he learned along the way to devouring 137 books.” –Blake

“Tips and motivation to help you more richly enjoy the fun of reading.” –Chuck Scoggins

“Reading had become a chore… But that is changing. Kevin’s book was a quick and easy read that encouraged me to read books that I actually enjoy.” –Adam Legg

“If you’re itching to read more or need a swift kick start—give 137 Books in One Year a read. You’ll be glad you did.” –Jonathan Blundell

“Revamp your reading strategy with 137 Books in One Year.” –Kindie Books

“He loves to read and this just oozes out of every sentence in this book.” –Thomas Mathie

“Just started Kevin Hendricks’ new book on how to read 137 books in one year and already have a book to read.” –Sam Mahlstadt

“I also LOVED his tone in the book, it’s like we were sitting in my living room talking. So good.” –Michael Buckingham

“137 Books has renewed my excitement for reading. I’m ready to read up a storm again! I’d recommend this book for any reader. Even if you’re already making use of most of his pointers, Hendricks’ enthusiasm alone will rejuvenate your love for reading.” –Lee

“If you have not experienced the joy of daily reading, this book will inspire and motivate you to get started.” –Janette Fuller

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Other Reactions:
There are the blurbs and quotes that probably won’t make the back cover, but I still enjoyed them.

“I think I would like the author a fair amount if I met him, but his overall tone was a slightly too brashly Twitter-esque.” –Bethany
(I’ll take that as a compliment.)

“Although I found him very self absorbed he did have some great ideas.” –L.I. Linda
(Um… thanks?)

“This cute little book is an easy read.” –Beth


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