Check out my new toy!

Photo of me taken with my new iSightCheck me out. No seriously, check me out.

It’s a little hard to actually show you my new birthday toy, but I can show you what it does. That lovely photo of me is what it does. Basically makes it so even though I work in the comfort of my own home I can’t come to work in my underwear anymore. It’s iSight, the fancy little video-conferencing camera/microphone. Pretty nifty, huh?

All thanks to a client who wants to see my ugly mug rather than just talk on the phone. Thanks, man.

5 thoughts on “Check out my new toy!”

  1. You look so happy in that picture … NOT!

    Just kidding. Soon I will be on iSight as well, and we will video conference. It will be amazing. “Looking” forward to it …

  2. Oooh… but would it be a tie-brary or just a private collection? With showings by appointment only, complete with stinky cheese and wine as you stroll through the hallways admiring each piece?

    The tieseum?

  3. Why does everyone think I look angry in that picture? I had a *real life* comment to the same effect. That’s my goofy half-smirk. I guess it’s harder to see in the thumbnail, but it’s pretty clear from the larger version that I’m anything but angry.

    Anyway, the idea of donning a few of the old tiebrary ties I took with me before its relocation to North Carolina is very tempting. Of course that’d also mean dressing up when I usually just wear jeans and a t-shirt to work. Too much effort.

    And I’d like to register my dislike with the idea of a tieseum. Until such time as neckties are banned as formal wear, ugly ties should be worn and applauded.

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