Wake up Fathers, Stop Snoozing Mothers

Daddy don’t you know that your daughter needs you? Mommy don’t you hear her crying in the night? She wants to be loved. She longs to hear your voice, nothing more than a simple hello. Yet you ignore her, turning your head as if she wasn’t yours. As if you never once held her tender little shape in your arms. As if you never loved her. Why have you grown so callous and cold? When did you shut your eyes and retreat into the night? Where have you gone that you left your daughter so alone? How can you–how dare you treat such a precious gift, such a priceless treasure with such apathy? Some day you will weep when you realize what you have done. Your cheeks will streak with tears and no one will be there to wipe the pain away. You have started this pattern of neglect and someday it will return to haunt you when you realize the daughter you thought you loved is gone. And by then it will be too late. Wake up you fathers, stop your snoozing mothers and know the mess you have made. There may still be time.

Complain and Bicker

Complain, complain, complain. Bicker, bicker, bicker. Sarcasm. Cynicism. Little, tiny annoyances. Differences. Flaws. Stereotypes. I put you in a box and you put me in another. The lines are drawn. You stay over there, and I’ll stay over here. Our societies are splintered. Our communities are divided. What I feel is important. What I want is important. What is different from me, what is not what I want, is wrong. I am important. I am number one. You are secondary. Is this how we are called to live? Then why is it the predominant attitude? Why don’t I look out for someone else?

Macs are Pretty

One of my roommates just got a brand new Macintosh G-3 yesterday. It’s the snazzy new bluish looking Mac with the big handles. Personally, I’m a PC man. I use a PC. I like a PC. I’m some what biased to a PC because it’s the only thing I’ve used (besides my old Commodore 64, but that doesn’t count). But I must say, the new Apples are rather appealing (pun definitely intended). They look good, I mean darn good. They’re aesthetically pleasing. Almost beautiful. There’s just something about a colored computer that’s cool. It’s not your run of the mill computer, which I guess is Apple’s whole deal (Think Different). I do have to wonder how people who care about interior decorating feel about the new Macs though. In a college dorm room, it really doesn’t matter. Just an odd thought. So what am I saying? Nothing really, just that I like what Mac is doing. They’ve got a nice ad campaign going, they have good looking computers, and they don’t have Bill Gates. No other computer company can say that. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to start looking into a Mac. Of course actually using a Mac is a whole other world. Oh Andy, can I…

Spending Money We Don’t Have

It’s only the second day of the semester and I already have homework. What do these teachers think they’re doing to me!? I actually had to buy a newspaper and read it. I did come across some interesting stuff though, like Bill Clinton’s new 2000 budget plan for example. At first his plan seems all well and good. Using this surplus to take care of Social Security and Medicare, pay off some debt, and take care of some other concerns. It sounds just peachy, until I read the last half of the article that talked about where all this surplus comes from. It turns out Bill is just taking a stab in the dark at how much money we’ll have in the next fifteen years. Assuming of course that the economy stays just as it is right now. No recessions or anything like that. No change for 15 years!? Yeah Bill, that’s gonna happen. Already the economy is setting records for how long it’s been stable. And he expects it to go 15 more years? The paper was talking about other such predictions of surplus and a six month prediction forecast some 73 million. It turned out to be 166 million. And that was only six months worth. What about 15 years!? Why are we trying to spend money that we might have after 15 years? Why not just wait 15 years and when we have the money sitting in our pockets, spend it then. Then if Bill’s predictions are wrong, we don’t get screwed. Politics is stupid.

Oh yeah, Happy Groundhog Day. I guess the silly ground hog didn’t see his shadow so spring is coming early. Sounds like your average weatherman if you ask me.

Slow Down

You know what? We need to slow down. So many times we just live life at our hurried pace and never stop to smell the roses. Or something cheesy like that. But it’s true. This weekend I was reminded of real beauty as I just gazed into my girlfriend’s eyes. The colors were just amazing. So many times we just don’t notice the things worth noticing. For an hour this weekend I just sat on the couch starring. My eyes shifted between my sleeping girlfriend in my lap and the sun shining across a field of snow as it set outside the window. Two astounding creations of God. And do we ever stop to notice? Not often enough, not often enough.

The Internet is Big

You know, the Internet is really big. I wonder how anyone can actually find this page and daily read what I have to say. Is it really that interesting? Why don’t you go read a book? You’d think some of us would have better things to do. But I guess not. I suppose having people find this and read it isn’t the main reason this page exists. It exists so I’ll write. Which I guess I’m forcing myself to do right now, in a really lame way. Now for something with a little more brain power…

Visiting the Girlfriend for the Weekend

Wow. What a weekend. Did you miss me? For those of you who don’t know, I drove six hours this weekend to meet up with my girlfriend in the middle of Wisconsin. Not exactly the ideal meeting place, but it gets the job done. When you’re 700 miles from your girlfriend, you’ll take whatever you can get–even if it is a weekend in Cheese Country. For those who were wondering, it was a great weekend. Of course when you’re seeing your girlfriend, it doesn’t take much. We could have spent the whole weekend sitting on the floor starring at each other and it would have been a great weekend.

Here’s a few comments for your intellectual stimulation, seeing as you’ve been deprived for a few days:

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May God Bless You With Discomfort at Easy Answers

Well, I have a four day weekend and I’m takin’ off. So you won’t hear anything from me until at least Sunday night. But knowing my record, it’ll be Monday. So I leave you now with a prayer that our campus pastor, Keith Anderson read during chapel last semester. I found it rather inspiring.

May God bless you with discomfort at easy answers, half-truths and superficial relationships, so that you will live deep in your heart. May God bless you with anger at injustice, oppression and exploitation of people and the earth so that you will work for justice, equity and peace. May God bless you with tears to shed for those who suffer so you will reach out your hand to comfort them and change their pain into joy. May God bless you with the foolishness to think you can make a difference in the world, so you will do the things others say cannot be done. Amen.

My Challenge

Who says Jesus Christ and Christianity aren’t real? The life-transforming power of Jesus Christ is so intense as to cause a man to cut a check to Dayton’s for the cost (plus interest!) of 8-tracks stolen as a teenager. That is amazing. Since taking a Christian Theology class this past semester, the truth of Christianity has become that much more apparent to me. When taken as a whole, all the intricacies of the faith fit together in a kind of giant puzzle of faith. It’s like the extremely complex plot of a novel, the plot of religion so to speak. But with Christianity all the pieces fit. Everything makes sense. I really question if any other religion out there can offer such a complete puzzle. A plot that works so well and doesn’t contradict. What other religion uses the death of its founder as its saving grace? What other religious founder claimed he would rise from the dead, and did? And if you don’t believe Jesus rose from the dead, where’s the proof that he didn’t? Historically it’s the only option (I’m not going to go into it here, but I would gladly explain it to anyone). Christianity works so well, and what I love is that it is NOT a religion. It is so much more. It’s a relationship with the God of the universe. What other worldview offers so much and makes so much sense?

I’ll make my challenge here. I claim that my God is the one true God and that Jesus Christ is the one true way to salvation.

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