Driving 55, Living in Chicago and the Moon

I have devised away that the state of Illinois can save millions of dollars every year. All they have to do is stop posting speed limit signs. I learned today that the residents of Illinois don’t follow them anyway, so why put them up? Think of the money they could save! Why, the could get rid of that wretched toll system!

While driving through today I noticed that the speed limit was 55. Let’s just say I was driving slightly above the posted limit, although only in an attempt to keep up with traffic. And I do mean keep up. Half the cars went flying past me like I was sitting still. They had to be doing at least 75. Now why won’t drivers do that in Michigan, where the speed limit is 70?

I moved into my home for the summer at Judson College, near Chicago, Illinois today. And then promptly left for the weekend. I’m in Green Bay, Wisconsin right now. I get around, don’t I? Now I just need to find a paying job.

Did you see the moon tonight? Wow, it just lit everything up. I hope you took advantage of the silvery light of the moon to play on the swings or ride the seesaw.

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