Welcome to Summer On My Own

Welcome to life on your own. For the first time in my life, I think I can really say that I’m on my own. This weekend I moved into my home-for-the-summer at Judson College. As I’ve said before, I have an internship with Real Media Group in Elgin, Illinois. I’m living in the dorms at Judson College just a few minutes down the road. As of today I don’t have a roommate, although that will probably change.

My room is a mini apartment of sorts. It’s made for four people, so it’s pretty roomy with just me. The “mini apartment” consists of one living room/study area, which is where my computer is right now, and that’s about it. This is where the TV, sound system and couch would go, if I had any of those. My computer is filling in for my sound system right now. Next is a large hallway that serves as my kitchen. The kitchen consists of a real fridge (not one of those pint size ones us college kids use), a stove, sink, and countertop. This is where I’ll be testing my skills as a gourmet chef. This is also where the fire department will be making regular trips. The bedroom has what you’d expect in a bedroom, and then there’s one of those tiny, hotel-style bathrooms where the sink, toilet, and bathtub are squished right next to one another so the bathroom will take up the least amount of floor space possible. What amazes me is that they still manage to have four towel racks in there. The bathroom in my townhouse at Bethel had one towel rack, and they mounted it conveniently above the toilet, eight feet and a stall door from the shower.

So tonight as I sit in my room, all by myself, I’m really feeling like I’m out on my own. I just went to the grocery store and bought myself the essentials, milk, oj, cheese, butter, bread–and now I really feel like I’m on my own. In the coming days I’ll be trying my hand at the staples of bachelor life, grilled cheese, french toast, and mac and cheese. Now granted, I’ve been on my own since leaving home for college, but I’ve never had to cook for myself. And I’ve always had roommates and friends around. As of yet, I don’t know anybody here. In fact, I haven’t even met any official type people, like the Resident Director or other important housing people. But that does have a plus side, I haven’t been told about any of the rules yet.

And part of being on your own is finding a job. Unfortunately, I’m not getting paid squat for the internship (they do pay housing and I’m getting school credit for it, which isn’t too bad considering the standard pay isn’t even that), so I have to find a real job. I’ve already filled out a bunch of applications, so I just have to wait for the calls of eager employers-to-be. We’ll see what happens.

So how does it feel to be on my own? Well, the creature comforts are certainly lacking. Raiding the fridge now involves an assault on my own wallet. And everything I need saps at the soon-to-be-empty wallet. But I do have a certain sense of freedom. The satisfaction that I can do this. Although it’s nice, Mom & Dad don’t have to hold my hand.

Here I go, out into the open frontier. The road is wide and expansive before me. The door is standing open, waiting for me to step on through to the other side.

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