Bring on the Heat

I turned the heat on today. I blame Lexi. She’s borderline sick today and keeping the house at 61 degrees doesn’t seem very wise. Though all things considered, it’s the second latest date we’ve turned on the heat:

It might help that I’m going to be homeless tonight and the thought of a warm house is more than enticing.

One thought on “Bring on the Heat”

  1. Hey Kevin,

    I’m commenting because this will be the first, (and I would expect only) time we’re going later than you and not turning the heat on until next Thursday. That is entirely due to the fact that we won’t have a working furnace until next Thursday when our new one is going to be installed. If it had been working we’d have turned it on a couple weeks ago when we had a few days in the 50s (of course that’s when we discovered our current one is dead).

    Glad you are no longer homeless. Feel better soon.

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