Heating our Home this Winter

Well, I finally broke down and turned on the heat. It was 55 degrees in our living room this morning and the dogs kept shivering. Last year we turned on the heat October 5 and the year before that it was September 29, so I’m really amazed we lasted this long.

But with natural gas prices expected to be 150% higher this year I’m not looking forward to paying for that heat. We’ve tried to better insulate our front door and we’ll be putting plastic on our living room window to try to minimize the heat loss. We’ll also be relying on candles, down blankets, the laptop, lap dogs, layers, slippers, baking and just about anything else to keep warm and minimize those triple digit heating bills.

Welcome back to Minnesota winters.

3 thoughts on “Heating our Home this Winter”

  1. Another reason dogs are a good investment: they keep you cozy.

    Kaya and Hobie’s bedroom is the warmest room in the house. Granted, it has no outside walls, but still. It’s like 80 degrees in there!

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking of investing in a space heater this year… electricity’s supposed to be cheaper. I guess I lucked out in that I don’t pay for the heating at this place… too bad I don’t control the heat. I get cold sometimes!

    But yeah, a couple years ago, I was rejoicing every month after January, as the warmer temps meant less and less on the heating bill, heh.

  3. I’m so gald I don’t own a house this winter. I feel bad for the poor woman that bought our old house – it was al I could do to keep the gas bill under $200 in the middle of the winter – I can’t imagine what %40 more feels like.

    By the way, thick curtains are incredibly useful for thermal energy savings (think of how fast your face cools off when you turn away from a campfire – the same sort of thermal transfer is prevented by curtains).

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