Homer, I found this behind the radiator.

We have heat. We finally turned our heat on today, after the temperature in our living room dipped to a chilly 58 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. I had somebody scheduled to inspect our boiler this morning, and I wanted to hold out for them before turning it on. It’s not that I expected any problems, I just wanted to be safe. And I’ve never lived in a home with radiator heat where I was responsible for the boiler. It turns out the system was low on water and I needed to vent the radiators, so it’s a good thing I waited (though I don’t know how bad that would have been — probably just inefficient.

Of course we did pay the price. My wife and I (and Speak) have been absolutely freezing for the past week. This weekend was really the worst, though it hit rock bottom this morning. For a while things were worse than when I stay at my mom’s house, where her frugal heating approach means 62 degree nights. However, my wife and I have a down comforter, and that makes all the difference.

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