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Best Donuts in the Twin Cities: Granny Donuts

Forget Krispy Kreme. The best donuts in the Twin Cities can be found in a tiny little shop called Granny Donuts on Robert Street in West St. Paul (Robert is quickly becoming our “New Snelling” since we moved).

I’m not exactly a donut connoisseur, but I picked up half-a-dozen this morning while on a diaper run (actually seven donuts–half-a-dozen are $3.75 but you can get one more for a quarter), and I’m willing to say they’re the best donuts I’ve had in a long time. I’ve eyed the shop a number of times while driving up and down Robert and today it seemed like a good incentive for the Monkey Outta Nowhere staff.

The place is run by an older Vietnamese couple who opened the place more than 17 years ago (according to the clipping of unknown age next the counter that I quickly scanned before paying–so I may have butchered my facts). And you better bring cash–separate signs on opposite sides of the register warn that they don’t take checks and they don’t take credit or debit cards.

All 50 States in a One Week Vacation

This guy visited all 50 states in a week’s vacation (that’s the standard five days off plus weekends on both ends plus leaving after work on Friday for 10 total days, or 9.5 really, since that Friday isn’t a full day). Of course “visited” means he simply crossed the state line–no time for sightseeing (or pictures, or food or much sleep).

As cool as I think this is (I’ve counted how many states I’ve crossed in so many days before), I think it’s funny how much we celebrate arbitrary milestones. Whether it’s the round number in an anniversary or the zeros in the calendar or the man-made state lines of a trip like this. It really doesn’t mean anything. Yet we still do it. (link via

Amusing Quotes

We’re starting to pack up our house and this morning I went through some of my files and discovered a folder of quotes. Now I have incredible packrat tendencies (three pages of hand-written quotes from Pleasantville?!), but some of these were worth saving.

In college my roommates used to say the strangest things and I started writing them down. Keep in mind that this was before we were all married and before many of us were dating. Here are some of the best …

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AIDS-Kicking Sneakers Over Wii

Well, no more delusions of playing my own Wii anytime soon. I opted for the Product (Red) AIDS-kicking sneakers instead. Which, while not as expensive as a Wii, leaves me far enough shy of being able to afford a Wii that I’ll have to wait until the next large pile of gift cash. And that’s probably OK. With our house on the market I don’t have time to play one, and it’s still not likely I could find one without lots of spare hunting time.

On a side note, my Converse purchase might lend some credibility to the charge that Product (Red) promotes consumerism. I didn’t actually need new shoes. I just thought they were cool and it supported a good cause and hey, I’ve got a large pile of Christmas cash burning a hole in my pocket. So now I’ve got swanky new kicks. That helped fight AIDS.

The Kevin D. Hendricks Quiz Answers

A little while ago I unleashed the Kevin D. Hendricks Quiz just for kicks. Since the little viral tool isn’t the most useful thing, let’s take a look at the answers and see who knows me best.

Surprise, surprise, my wife takes the top spot, and my dad has second.

So let’s unveil the correct answers (and no fair taking the test after you read the correct answers):

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