Best Donuts in the Twin Cities: Granny Donuts

Forget Krispy Kreme. The best donuts in the Twin Cities can be found in a tiny little shop called Granny Donuts on Robert Street in West St. Paul (Robert is quickly becoming our “New Snelling” since we moved).

I’m not exactly a donut connoisseur, but I picked up half-a-dozen this morning while on a diaper run (actually seven donuts–half-a-dozen are $3.75 but you can get one more for a quarter), and I’m willing to say they’re the best donuts I’ve had in a long time. I’ve eyed the shop a number of times while driving up and down Robert and today it seemed like a good incentive for the Monkey Outta Nowhere staff.

The place is run by an older Vietnamese couple who opened the place more than 17 years ago (according to the clipping of unknown age next the counter that I quickly scanned before paying–so I may have butchered my facts). And you better bring cash–separate signs on opposite sides of the register warn that they don’t take checks and they don’t take credit or debit cards.

4 thoughts on “Best Donuts in the Twin Cities: Granny Donuts”

  1. What a strange coincidence! The best donut shop in the Valley also takes cash and nothing else. It’s called Stan’s Donuts. It’s a really old hole-in-the-wall that looks like it’s about to go out of business but it’s been there and looked like that for a long, long time from what I’ve heard.

  2. We have a Granny’s Donuts in North Carolina, and it’s operated by Vietnamese, too. Coincidence? I don’t know – but if your Granny’s Donuts sells something called a Wimpy – you MUST try it.

  3. Okay … I must admit Granny’s has the best donuts I’ve had. I grew up in the area and I don’t believe I have ever been there until today (with my girlfriend). We walk in … three elderly regulars are sitting at a table and one of them pops his styrofoam cup, which made a very loud pop (being after the 4th … I don’t believe either of us flinched). Anyway, we both gave the guys a crusty and all they did was giggle at their 2-year-old behavior. One commented about us filling our pants due to the loud noise (whatev!!!). Then, we had to “yoo-hoo” to get some service … the elderly Vietnamese man finally walked up front. First thing out of his mouth (trying to figure out our relationship) … “Sisters? Mother – Daughter? Sisters?” My girlfriend then said, “Mother – Son” to which he replied, “No, you have breasts” and gestured with his hands as if to cup air breasts. Okay, we’re in this joint for about 5 minutes and all this occurred. I was disturbed, but laughing so hard that I was sweating. Too funny!!!! Good thing the donuts were awesome and the Vietnamese man was able to redeem Granny’s reputation. Whether he was able to redeem himself … the jury is still out on that one. I’d recommend this joint … if not for anything else … for a cheap laugh.

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