AIDS-Kicking Sneakers Over Wii

Well, no more delusions of playing my own Wii anytime soon. I opted for the Product (Red) AIDS-kicking sneakers instead. Which, while not as expensive as a Wii, leaves me far enough shy of being able to afford a Wii that I’ll have to wait until the next large pile of gift cash. And that’s probably OK. With our house on the market I don’t have time to play one, and it’s still not likely I could find one without lots of spare hunting time.

On a side note, my Converse purchase might lend some credibility to the charge that Product (Red) promotes consumerism. I didn’t actually need new shoes. I just thought they were cool and it supported a good cause and hey, I’ve got a large pile of Christmas cash burning a hole in my pocket. So now I’ve got swanky new kicks. That helped fight AIDS.

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