The Kevin D. Hendricks Quiz Answers

A little while ago I unleashed the Kevin D. Hendricks Quiz just for kicks. Since the little viral tool isn’t the most useful thing, let’s take a look at the answers and see who knows me best.

Surprise, surprise, my wife takes the top spot, and my dad has second.

So let’s unveil the correct answers (and no fair taking the test after you read the correct answers):

1) Where was I born?

The correct answer is Livonia, Mich. I grew up in West Bloomfield, Mich., but I was not born there. Some think this is a cheap one, but I equate it to where my daughter was born. She was not born in St. Paul, though that’s where she lives. I admit it’s a tricky one, but not deceptive.

2) What’s my favorite movie?

The correct answer is Serenity. This is another tricky one, since Star Wars would have held the top spot before last year, assuming I’d relent and give an answer to that dreaded question. However, since seeing Serenity, I quickly gave it favorite movie status. I liked it so much I sat through the boring commentary, just to see if they said anything cool (they didn’t).

3) When did I write my first book?

The correct answer is first grade. I wrote the hardcover book Mike, The Cat in first grade at Scotch School. Most people went with NaNoWriMo 2004, which was my first novel. But it wasn’t my first book. That tidbit of info can be found in my Personality bio, but I’ve also blogged about it here.

4) What type of church do I go to?

The correct answer is Episcopal. I grew up in a Baptist church and have since attended a non-denominational and a Native American Lutheran church.

5) What did I study in college?

The correct answer is majored in writing, minored in art. At the time Bethel did not have a journalism major and I’ve often lamented that I didn’t take more business classes in college. And I never had an interest in an English major. I wanted to write, not just read, and apparently that’s all English majors do.

6) Which state haven’t I visited?

Ah, this question caused a fair amount of controversy for being the only question my wife missed. The correct answer is Florida. The controversy arose because my wife insisted that “visited” implies more than “driven through.” And I admit, I’ve only driven through Arkansas. But really, isn’t that just as good as visiting? But I say it’s a moot point since my wife guessed Texas, a state we visited together—and stayed for several days. If she had guessed Arkansas maybe we could give her credit. Oh well.

7) Where did I work in high school?

The correct answer is Kroger. I worked at the Kroger grocery store as a bag boy and a stock boy. I applied at all four of them, but only Kroger gave me an interview and a job. It was my last choice since my brother worked there, but what’s a 16-year-old to do?

8) Which of the following was NOT the name of one of my radio shows?

The correct answer is Beyond Belief. Great Petra song, but not one of my radio show title. Pass the Salt was the name of my first high school radio show. The next year I switched to Jesus Freak because dc Talk provided a great theme song. After being called into the principal’s office for putting up Jesus Freak flyers (which was allowed, they just didn’t like the name), I changed it to the unprounceable Controversial Christianity. In college it was Mission Control, co-hosted with Josh Lewis!.

9) Which band have I seen the most live?

The correct answer is Five Iron Frenzy. Process of elimination would have helped here. Brenda Weiler is a local artist I’ve seen a few times, but she’s not high enough on my list of favorite artists to warrant seeing her the most. While Petra was my favorite band in middle school and early high school, I couldn’t drive when they were my all-time favorite band. I’ve only seen them live twice, once in college and once while chaperoning a youth group trip to Sonshine. And while U2 is my current favorite band, I’ve only seen them twice, mainly because tickets are insanely expensive and they’ve only come to town twice since I discovered who they were. Five Iron, however, was my favorite band and heavily touring when I was in my prime concert-going years. I saw them every chance I got when they came through Detroit, Minneapolis and sometimes in between. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them, though I would guess it’s more than a dozen. And I probably interviewed them at half of those performances.

10) Which celebrity did I interview and then throw up ten minutes later?

This one stumped a lot of people, but the correct answer is Reese Roper. In his defense, it was nothing Reese said. I was just too sick to be going to a concert and interviewing someone. I have interviewed the other three, though none made me want to puke.

Well, there you go. Hope that was fun.

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