Painting the Family Room

So I had this brilliantly stupid idea. While Abby and Lexi were out of town for the weekend I thought it’d be a good time to do some painting. We’ve been slowly painting rooms in our new house and the paint was just sitting there waiting. I figured with Lexi gone and a full weekend to work on it I could have the whole thing done before they got back. It’d be easier than trying to finish it while Lexi slept.

Seemed simple enough.

The kitchen and the family room were the two rooms left to paint that we had already picked and bought paint for, so I just had to choose one. I took one look at all the edges and the two major appliances I’d have to move by myself in the kitchen and opted to do the family room. Nevermind it probably has six or seven times the surface area of the kitchen. But no matter.

It started to sink in just how stupid my plan was when it took me four hours to do the first coat of edging. And it looked like crap.

By late Sunday evening I’d spent every waking moment when I wasn’t eating painting the family room. It had three ful coats (one primer, two regular paint) and needed at least a fourth. I had to get back to work on Monday and then Abby and Lexi returned and thus ended the Lexi-free painting.

The basement still needs that fourth coat and now we have to juggle Lexi to do it. Oh well, I suppose on the plus side our basement won’t sit in disarray for a week. On the downside, I’ve perfected being a hermit.

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