A $250 Piece of Toast

Cause is King - $250 toastMy friends at Personality™ just bought a $250 piece of toast. It’s an actual piece of toast, but they’ll never hold it or eat it. Instead it gets them a prominent position on Your Name on Toast and $250 goes to charity.

It’s the latest twist on these advertising pages that started with the Million Dollar Homepage, only this one is for charity and the price keeps going up (which reminds me of One Thousand Paintings, only it’s not as complex–the price just goes up).

Seth Godin talked about it a while back and it’s just amazing to me that these things take off. It’s kind of like the online equivalent of what modern artists always hear–“I could have built that!”–then why didn’t you?

One thought on “A $250 Piece of Toast”

  1. If they’d like their name on a Banana, they can get that now too. You can’t go wrong with your name on food.

    By the way, here’s an unsolicited Movable Type tip. If you add the following to your “Recent Posts” code in your individual posts template:


    it will start that section at the 2nd most recent post than the first. That way people reading your most recent post won’t see a redundant entry.

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