Triathalon Cheaters

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law competed in a triathalon this weekend. What they probably didn’t know is that apparently winning is all about finding the worst competition so you can beat them. How stupid is this?

There’s a trend of wannabe winners gauging the competition at rinky-dink local triathalons and only entering if they think they have a good shot at winning. It’s not about the sport or the thrill or the fun of it–they just want to brag about winning a triathalon. Never mind that they bested only a handful of competitors so their win really doesn’t mean anything.

You have to be a certain kind of messed up to want a meaningless trophy that bad. I think my mother-in-law scored a much cooler prize: finishing. (link via

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  1. Funny that people worry so much about winning. The winner of this triathlon was greeted with cheering and clapping and then left to gather up his things and go get lunch – but the last two runners to cross the finish line (almost an hour and a half later) were greeted with a 6 car police escort, sirens blaring and the crowd quickly regathering to cheer them on. It was close to what you’d expect a hero’s welcome to look like.

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