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Third World Symphony: Just One Song

A friend of mine*, Shaun Groves, released an album yesterday. It’s called Third World Symphony and it’s pretty good. I scored an early digital copy on Kickstarter and got my CD in the mail yesterday. I am 1 of 462 unique fans.

Gosh I love the new music industry.

Anyway, I think you should check out Shaun’s album. It’s good stuff. But rather than point you to the entire album, I think you should just check out one song. It’s called “Enough.” It features a whoop (the word ‘ruckus’ comes to mind), fine mandolin picking (do you pick a mandolin?) and some nice rises and falls that just make it shine. Take a listen:

Enough by shaungroves

The rest of the album isn’t quite like that (the ruckus part), but it’s still good (lots of mandolin pickin’). So check it out.

*While Shaun Groves is a (soft) rock star, I’ve also had dinner** with him and talked to him on the phone, so I think that qualifies as a friend.

**If “dinner” qualifies as a cherry Coke and some chips and queso at Chili’s. He offered to buy me dinner***, but I wasn’t that hungry.

***OK, now I’m just bragging. Sorry.