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Gas Prices Too High? Slow Down

It’s a simple idea that’s finally getting some attention. Slow down and you’ll get better fuel economy, which means less pain at the pump. I talked about it before, but it’s good to see other folks trying the same thing:

  • Con-Way Freight of Ann Arbor, Mich., lowered the top speed of their 8,400 trucks from 65 to 62 mph and they’re saving $13.3 million and only adding 20-30 minutes to their shipments.
  • “I’m saving between $100 and $200 a week by cutting back from 72-73 mph to 60-65 mph,” said Dennis Sheridan, who owns an 18-wheeler and hauls freight on a contract basis throughout the Northeast.

Perhaps instead of pitching a gas tax holiday, certain candidates should be encouraging us to slow down.