Dealing with High Gas Prices

A few years ago gas prices started rising and people started noticing. Back then I was paying $2.69 and griping. Yesterday I paid $3.41. I’m starting to see more and more stories about rising gas prices, but it’s curious that three years ago there was a flurry of gas price hysteria. The prices stayed high but the hysteria faded away. I guess people just got used to paying more.

But now that we are paying more (and noticing again—44% say gas prices are a ‘serious problem’), the hysteria seems warranted. Well, maybe not hysteria (like Minnesota Republicans who blame Democrats for high gas prices, pointing to the 8.5-cent hike in the gas tax, of which only 2 cents has been phased in so far) but at least some sensible action would be wise. Let’s take a look at a few smart ways you can deal with the high price of gas:

Top 25 Ways to Save at the Pump – My friend Steve Knight offered this list back in 2005, full of practical tips to get more of out your gas.

Buy a Super MPG Car – Forget the hybrid, if you really want good gas mileage, you need a Geo. MPR featured this St. Cloud, Minn., mechanic who fixes up old Geos and sells them to people looking for cars with better fuel economy. Many of his cars get 50 mpg or better.

Join the Hypermilers – Or you could join the folks who squeeze every last drop of fuel efficiency out of their cars by changing their driving habits and score eye-popping miles-per-gallon. Some of these measures are dangerous, but the basic idea of slowing down, letting your car coast, and avoiding hard accelerating or braking is smart and effective.

Hybrid Schmybrid – You could switch to diesel. Or grease.

If gas prices still have you down, you can always take the bus.

3 thoughts on “Dealing with High Gas Prices”

  1. Gas is ready to go over $4/gal in SoCal. Yikes.

    Diesel is already there! The pump down the street is $4.29/gal for diesel. Wow. That affects commerce costs big time, the ripple effect in the economy is already being felt.

    Me? I love my 380hp 5.7L Hemi. Not the most fuel efficient, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

  2. I looked into the bus once… 2 1/2 hours from home to work.

    I need to follow Kevin’s lead and put in some time in the “Home-office”.

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