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Longest Day of the Year

Today is the longest day of the year. Well, the most daylight of the year. It’s still got 24 hours, just like every other day. Hope you spent those daylight hours well.

I actually felt semi-productive today while I answered e-mails left and right, posted on blogs, finished up projects, scheduled interviews, wielded the telephone, got paid to watch a chick flick, and bought a ticket to L.A. Whew. Of course I still feel like I hardly made a dent, but what can you do?

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High Water on the Mississippi

High water on the Mississippi RiverYesterday I went for a bike ride and noticed just how high the Mississippi River has become. Thanks to all the rain we’ve had, the water is creeping up the shore, covering paths and docks and leaving trees and shrubs submerged.

I can relate. I’ve been pretty busy myself. Not eye-twitching busy, but I’ve still had a lot going on. And it’s not just work. I’ve found that working at home the work comes and goes and it can be fairly stressful, but just because you meet a deadline doesn’t mean things let up. They just keep rising.

And if it’s not deadlines rising, it’s something else. Like bills or laundry or dishes or grass or dog poop.

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A Little Personal

Once upon a time I used to pen introspective thoughts late at night while my roommates were sleeping. Some people seem to miss those ponderings, and sometimes I do, too.

I think often those writings were born out of not knowing what to write, and just forcing myself to plunk something out. Lately (meaning the past several years) I’ve found other things to talk about on this blog and didn’t have the need to force it. Maybe something was lost in that.

So here goes…

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When I Was Your Age: Driving

If you don’t read my other incredibly insightful blog, Real Magazine, shame on you. No, just kidding. It’s written for teens, so I don’t expect everyone to be into it (though I do post more pop culturey stuff over there).

Anyway, I wanted to point your attention to a ‘When I Was Your Age’ entry I wrote over there, Sixteen and Behind the Wheel. I’ve talked about this column before, it’s something I write for my youth group’s newsletter and it seems like a good fit for Real.

This post is all about the joys of driving for teens and includes some of my stupider moves in life. If you like the series, you can also check out my Christian T-shirt entry. I hope to keep adding them on a semi-regular basis.

I’m a Geek

For some time now I’ve had recurring dreams about high school. It’s usually some sort of trauma-inducing scenario, like my old high school was remodeled and now I can’t find my classes and I get lost and end up in the wrong place. Utter embarrassment results every time.

Sometimes there are extra twists, like I lost my glasses and am slowly going blind, or I can’t remember my schedule, or I lost my homework or something. But it’s always high school.

High school for me was the epitome of social awkwardness. Nothing captures that feeling better than the short-lived TV series Freaks and Geeks. Yesterday my wife and I watched the first episode again, and the pain was palpable. The gym class awkwardness, the intimidation of older, bigger students, the outsider status.

Some people say high school is the best four years of your life. I think people who say that should be committed.

Reflective Saturday

It’s amazing how my blogging comes in fits and spurts. I’ll post ten entries in three days, and then go three days with absolutely nothing. I’m not sure how you as a reader feel about that, but it’s a bit freeing as a writer to not have to care about that. That’s just the way it is. So there.

I’m feeling introspective this morning, so we’ll be doing a bit of rambling. I’ll just jump to the extended entry now since I doubt much of this will be very interesting.

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