One of Those ‘I’m So Busy’ Posts

Life is so busy. Man. My daughter is five months old (have you seen adorable pictures of her yet? Well what are you waiting for? An invitation? You just got one–go, go, for the good of this dad). My wife quit her job. I almost had an L.A. vacation (then it turned into just another L.A. business trip). I realized the other day that I’ve been freelancing it for longer than the time I had a “real” job.

For two months I was daddy daycare, watching Lexi during the day and trying to work during naps and in the evening. Since Abby quit and will have a month and a half off this summer we’re doing more of a back and forth thing so Abby can get her thesis written and I can still get work done. It’s been good, though I miss reading The Chronicles of Narnia to Lexi every day. But I get it in when I can.

I met up with a blogger for lunch today, someone I met through CMS. Turns out we were at Bethel at roughly the same time, though definitely not in the same circles (him actually playing hockey, me sitting back and watching hockey). We had a good talk, though it reminded me how little this blog gets updated. I was telling him about my blog network and how much it’s fallen by the wayside lately. But I guess that’s OK. Changing diapers and reading Chronicles seems infinitely more important. I suppose because it is.

Anyway, the time just goes by.

One thought on “One of Those ‘I’m So Busy’ Posts”

  1. I’ve been wondering what you’re up to! I know, I know, I could just subscribe to the (probably literally) 40 other RSS feeds out there and follow what you’re doing, but then I’d have to have an entire “Kevin Category” in my feed reader! And then I’d feel like a stalker, and that’s scary.

    It’s awesome you read to Lexi. My mom used to read to my sister and I on long car trips. We read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy that way. I still remember it fondly, and I enjoy audiobooks partially because they give me that same feeling today.

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