Longest Day of the Year

Today is the longest day of the year. Well, the most daylight of the year. It’s still got 24 hours, just like every other day. Hope you spent those daylight hours well.

I actually felt semi-productive today while I answered e-mails left and right, posted on blogs, finished up projects, scheduled interviews, wielded the telephone, got paid to watch a chick flick, and bought a ticket to L.A. Whew. Of course I still feel like I hardly made a dent, but what can you do?

This is going to be one of those random entries. Just warning you.

Tonight I caught a chick flick. I was assigned a last minute review and will be payed for my trouble, so it was worth it. The last line of the movie, in typical chick flick voice over, was “I don’t just have a homepage, I have a home.” I bust out laughing. Some poor sap out there wrote that and some other poor sap left it in the script and another poor sap actually read it. Wow.

A few weeks back I had to write a personal bio about me. I guess it was an autobio. Shh, don’t tell. We recently posted it and I think it’s kind of fun. I enjoyed coming up with the quotes the most. I’m not the kind of person to gather quotes that inspire me. Well, I sort of am, but the Quotables blog is different. But I had fun finding a few random quotes. I think if I ever publish a real novel the best part will be finding quotes to put on the beginning page of every chapter.

And for a trifecta of randomness, I keep thinking about starting a NASCAR blog. I know none of you actually care about NASCAR, but it’s not all about you, is it? With the recent resurgence of traffic to my site I’m thinking it might be worth a shot. I’m not ready to put the time into it yet, but it’s just sitting there in the back of my head, egging me on. I’ve yet to find a decent NASCAR blog, though I’m sure they exist, and that pushes me even more.

The worst part about having a NASCAR blog would be if it actually worked and I was forced to watch every NASCAR race to keep up with the blog. That probably sounds ideal, but honestly, I like NASCAR in small doses, with copious amounts of napping. Though maybe there’s an audience of like-minded NASCAR nappers out there. I could be getting paid to nap. Now there’s a business plan!

Update 8/22/2005: I finally broke down and started that NASCAR blog, NASCAR Napper.

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