2023 Biking

I biked 1,037 miles this year on three bikes:

  • Road bike: 558 miles
  • Mountain bike: 358 miles
  • Fat bike: 121 miles

I don’t have much other info for a frame of reference, except I know I did 239 miles on the mountain bike in 2022 (and didn’t start until July, when I got the bike).

For the mountain bike, I tracked individual rides:

  • 2023: 358 miles, 45 separate times at 17 different places across 4 states
  • 2022: 239 miles, 37 separate times at 19 different places across 8 states.
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2023 in Music: Spotify Unwrapped

This year I listened to 62,011 minutes of music (more than 97% of users), accounting for 7,645 songs, 3,550 different artists, and 118 different genres. My most played genres of 2023 were alt-z (huh?), pop, indie pop, modern rock, and rock.

Here’s 2021 and 2022 data to compare.

My Top 5 Songs of 2023

Kind of a girl-powered punk/pop vibe in my top songs. More of that in my 100 top songs of 2023 playlist, though it does start to diversify a bit.

  1. “Say It to My Face” by Meet Me @ the Altar (played 44 times)
  2. “I Don’t Even Like U” by Royal & the Serpent
  3. “Sweet Sensation” by Luna Aura
  4. “Feel More Okay” by Caity Baser
  5. “Unavoidable” by Melina KB
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