Mountain bike with a lake in the background.

2023 Biking

I biked 1,037 miles this year on three bikes:

  • Road bike: 558 miles
  • Mountain bike: 358 miles
  • Fat bike: 121 miles

I don’t have much other info for a frame of reference, except I know I did 239 miles on the mountain bike in 2022 (and didn’t start until July, when I got the bike).

For the mountain bike, I tracked individual rides:

  • 2023: 358 miles, 45 separate times at 17 different places across 4 states
  • 2022: 239 miles, 37 separate times at 19 different places across 8 states.


I’ve noticed that biking has really become a stress reliever. More than just exercise, it’s a way to clear my head. I start to get jittery if I don’t get out enough, which is especially hard when the weather isn’t cooperating.

I finally got out today on the fat bike, first time of the season, and first time off-road since December 2 (the winter season is tough). I wasn’t sure before I set out if today was a good day to ride. But as soon as I got on the trail, it just felt right.

It’s like flying, swooping around corners, up and down hills. I love that feeling.

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