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It’s my birthday. If you’d like to help me celebrate, consider supporting one of my projects and becoming a member of West St. Paul Reader through Patreon.

What Is West St. Paul Reader?

Back in 2019 I started reporting on local news here in West St. Paul. I attend city council meetings, I find out what’s being built on the corner, I low-key bug people, I interview candidates, I research history, I take a lot of pictures, I try to celebrate the amazing things and people in this town. I can be a very dorky tour guide.

I’m able to do this because 152 people support my work. They donate on a monthly or annual basis through Patreon, and it funds this little local journalism project.

West St. Paul Reader is kind of a purple cow. We’re a bizarre hybrid that doesn’t really exist anywhere. I’m not even sure I can say we’re endangered or extinct, because that implies we used to be more prominent, and this kind of journalism is a different thing. Maybe a new breed? At any rate, we’re weird. There’s no blueprint or plan for how to do this. We make it up as we go along.

So far it’s worked, thanks to those 152 members, and we’re able to make local reporting happen. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve done and so grateful to the people who support it (thank you!). 

Support Local News

You can wish me a happy birthday by becoming a member. Join now through Patreon and you’ll get a handwritten thank you postcard featuring locally commissioned art, you’ll get an exclusive weekly email about what’s happening in West St. Paul, plus you can save 15% in my Etsy shop.

Plus you’re making hyper-local journalism possible, which is really its own reward.

Thanks for listening.

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