"Kind" written on a sidewalk in chalk

Give to the Kids

A while back I remember a kid coming to the door selling something. I don’t remember what they were selling, but I think they were on the girl’s hockey team at the local high school. Whether in a bad mood or feeling cheap, I turned the kid away without buying anything.

Almost immediately, I regretted it. That student had a lot of guts to go door to door, and their team clearly needed the help if this student was putting forth that much effort.

And I let them down.

Here’s a general tip for being a nice human: When kids ask for money, you should try to help.

So when I heard about the local elementary school doing away with door-to-door fundraisers and instead doing community service projects, I wanted to help. Students are doing acts of kindness in the community and asking for support. I wrote a story about Moreland’s Raise Craze fundraiser and then we did another story on their first kindness event.

While spreading the word is helpful, that’s not all that’s required. So I’ve also been donating to individual students. It’s a great cause, plus I want to encourage these kids as they’re learning about acts of kindness and community service.

This world is hard enough (and yes we have to be wary of the fraudsters and hucksters), but when we can we need to support one another.

(You can donate to the general effort at Moreland.)

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