Yes, We’re Still Waiting

Lots of folks have been asking how our adoption process is going, and the answer is the same as it was two months ago: We’re waiting. We’ve been approved, we’ve filled out all the paperwork and we’re officially on the waiting list. We’re down to something like 4-7 months to go.

The only thing to do is wait.

And if it sounds like nothing has changed since my last adoption post, well, you’d be right. Except that we’re two weeks closer.

2 thoughts on “Yes, We’re Still Waiting”

  1. Every day that goes by is one more closer.

    Hi. I used to read your journal like five years ago, maybe more? I THINK I found you on twitter through Justin McRoberts, but I can’t remember. SO excited to hear about your decision to adopt. I’ll be praying for you.

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