Eisley’s Combinations

2007_08_20eisley.jpgI’m really digging the new Eisley release, Combinations.
I’ve had my eyes on them for a while, since I picked up their debut. This time around they’ve grown a bit, though it’s still plenty of girl-fronted, airy, melodic rock with plenty of harmonizing. The biggest change is that they’ve learned some variety. While I liked their debut, a lot of the songs sounded the same. With Combinations it feels like they have a lot more musical variety.

Give it a listen. “Invasions” is the first single, though for now I’m more partial to “Many Funerals,” “Taking Control” and “A Sight to Behold.” And if you buy the full album on iTunes you can get the extra track, “Marsh King’s Daughter,” which is kind of a 1930s throwback and worth picking up (unfortunately it’s album only).

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