Dandruff Disappears T-shirt

Dandruff Simply Disappears T-shirtOK, I’m having a bit too much fun with my stash of old newspapers. At first I thought, what could be more fun than a yellow Minnesota Macaroni T-shirt? Well, the obvious answer was a Dandruff Simply Disappears T-shirt. Check out my Cafepress store for more styles and designs, including regular white T-shirts, hoodies, bags and yes, even a onesie.

Get them while they last (which will probably be until I find new cool 1930s illustrations to slap on T-shirts). Though this won’t exactly be the T-shirt of the Month idea I had a while ago that never panned out (By the way, in case any one is interested, I sold a whopping five of those “May the Force Be With You/And Also With You” shirts. You can still get yours today!). Any profits (my cut is usually $1 per shirt, a little more for the pricier items) will go to our meager adoption fund.

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