Tick Party: The Best Tick Episodes Ever

I’m bacheloring it up this weekend as Abby and Lexi are off watching grandma compete in a triathalon (as hilarious as that sounds, could you survive a triathalon?). So I’m throwing a Tick Party. We’ll be watching episdoes of the mid-1990s animated series The Tick (not the short-lived live action version).

Since I doubt anyone will want to stick around for all three seasons, I need to pick the best episodes to screen. So here are my choices and side comments.

Before we begin, let me start by saying that we’ll be watching the commercially available The Tick vs. Season One DVD and then moving on to my collection of bootlegged episodes from eBay. I’m only doing the pirate thing because seasons two and three are not commercially available. Make them available and I will gladly buy them (here’s some hope: looks like The Tick vs. Season Two has a release date of August 7, 2007).

I am also somewhat limited in choice because my bootlegged version does not have a complete copy of a couple episodes, including “That Mustache Feeling,” which provides the backing music for this video and is among the show’s best (also among the show’s weirdest).

So here we go:

The Best Tick Episodes Ever:
(in the order they appear, i.e. don’t make me pick a favorite)

  • The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold (“Susan?” “Now you’re doing it on purpose!”)
  • Armless But Not Harmless (hands down the best episode ever)
  • HEROES (the COPS parody)
  • The Tick vs. The Big Nothing (“the speed of lint!”)
  • Sidekicks Don’t Kiss (introducing Speak!)
  • The Tick vs. Science (best body-swapping episode of any series)
  • The Tick vs. Prehistory (featuring “Monkey outta nowhere!” and “Evolution now!”)

7 thoughts on “Tick Party: The Best Tick Episodes Ever”

  1. My favorites are:

    The Tick vs. The Tick
    The Tick vs. The Uncommon Cold
    The Tick vs. The Big Nothing
    That Mustache Feeling
    The Tick Loves Santa!
    Sidekicks Don’t Kiss

  2. Mmm… The Tick Loves Santa: “Like a mighty blue salmon of justice, coursing upstream to the very spawning ground of evil.”

    That might be one of the best Tick lines ever. Good episode. But I just have a hard time watching a Christmas episode in June. ;-)

  3. That’s the first episode I saw, and I was immediately hooked. Some day I’ll have to give in and buy the DVDs.

  4. *wipes tears from eyes*

    Oh my goodness, just sitting here and reading your episode list, hearing the quotes in my head (especially the “Susan” one) has brought tears to my eyes and I can’t stop laughing. I don’t know which episodes are my favorites, but I remember individual scenes, and I remember how funny many of them were.

    Watching the Season One DVDs by myself (or rarely with Steph) isn’t nearly the same as sitting down with you and the guys and watching The Tick that way. Save a few episodes for Christmas, OK?

  5. Almost ten years after the last post, like an archeologist. Well I would vote for vs Proto-Clown, and vs El Seed. 100 years someone will again stumble onto this site. Until then…..Spooooon!

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