She’s Not a Baby Anymore

I haven’t had a good Lexi blog in a while. So here we go…

Lately I’m amazed at the sudden developmental growth my daughter is going through. A couple Sundays back she started wandering around church after the service like she’d never done before. She no longer needed to have mom and dad in sight at all times and she was perfectly happy saying hi to total strangers. It was the strange moment where she suddenly had confidence in her walking ability and in whatever it is that makes kids not need their parents for every waking moment and it suddenly clicked.

We stayed later than usual just watching her wander.

She’s also started talking more. Or at least her babbling is starting to make more sense. All of a sudden a lot’s happening in there and it’s amazing to see.

I guess kids go through developmental spurts just like growth spurts. She’s 15 months now and in another month the state would consider her a toddler and ready for daycare. I’d seen the toddlers when my wife worked in a preschool but I didn’t think Lexi was close to that stage. But the strides she’s made in the last two weeks make me realize she could easily handle preschool in another month or two.

She’s not a baby anymore.

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