May the Lord Shine Upon You

When I talked about my daughter yesterday I neglected to mention one of my favorite things (and I have a feeling this a common component of parenthood: being so busy you forget basic things).

On Sunday mornings when we go up to the front of the church for communion (yeah, those wacky Episcopalians) I love watching Lexi receive a blessing from the priest. When kids are too young to take communion the priest lays a hand on the child and says a simple blessing.

It’s become familiar to Lexi now and she watches expectantly as John (our rector) gives bread to mom and then bends down to place his hand on Lexi’s head. She grins and looks up, sticking her mouth out in this goofy, hamming-it-up sort of expression. And John says a blessing, usually something about “May the Lord shine his face upon you,” and right there in Lexi’s grin is God shining on her. I love that.

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