Cloud Cult Rocks

Thanks to the Current’s Song of the Day (how many times do I need to recommend it?) I discovered Minnesota artist Cloud Cult. OK, my musically progressive friend discovered them first and tried to introduce me to them last year, but I never got into the Advice from the Happy Hippopotamus album. But today’s song of the day plus a live appearance on the Current sold me.

I went to their site to buy the album and discovered they’re a quirky little group. They eschew major labels so they can have total control over their art, including details like being as environmentally friendly as possible and having visual artists paint on stage during their live shows. Their new album, The Meaning of 8, doesn’t officially come out until April 10, 2007, but since they’re so independent you can get the album directly from them now.

This is a band that understands the new digital era. And the music’s pretty good.

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