4 thoughts on “Crumbelievable”

  1. Thank you for getting the crumbelievable song stuck in my head!!!!

    Why is that song such an ear worm?

    Remember the Domino’s commercial that had the phone number that was something like 588-8888 with a little jingle? The meloday STILL gets stuck in my head to this day.


  2. If I’m not mistaken, TPY used to love that song. I mean, anytime it was played somewhere he’d smile and sing along and get into it. I guess the love was inferred.

  3. I do love that song. Although, to be honest, I’ll smile and sing along to just about anything I know.

    It would be at the top of my list of one hit wonders and near the top of favorite pop songs.

    My favorite jingle, though, apart from the locally infamous “All American Recreation” (“All we sell is fun!”), is Empire Carpets (“588-2300 … Empire”). I forgot to blog about this, but you can relive many favorites and discover new local ads (like Jhoon Rhee Taekwondo!) here.

    (Wow. Two exclamation marks. I need to stop from exhaustion.)

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