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Our move is coming up fast and I spent my afternoon calling my list of 50+ locations to change our address. What a hassle.

It’s funny how many different ways there are to change your address. Some places connect you with an operator, some let you do it online and some require you to do it in writing. A couple even let you leave message, which just seems a little awkward.

My favorite was the water company. Rather than accept my address change now, they said I had to call back the day of my move with a reading from the water meter of my old house and then another one from the water meter of my new house. Seriously? And they make everybody who moves do this?

It was almost as good as Comcast, who couldn’t transfer my service because the sellers of our new house hadn’t put in a disconnect order yet. So every time somebody moves you have to have the seller call Comast first? I hate to imagine the chain of buyers and sellers lined up because an upstream seller has to get the ball rolling.

Oh, and I almost forgot: the most entertaining was Best Buy. I went to update my address but it turned out they cancelled the credit card more than a year ago (unless you actually use the card they don’t send you statements–apparently I hadn’t used it in a while). The funny thing was they made no attempt to re-sign me up. They just let me go. Somewhere a marketing rep is kicking himself.

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  1. Unless Comcast has changed, they won’t let you put in the order until the previous account has been actually disconnected (not just disconnect ordered). I went through the hassle of getting the previous owner to re-request disconnection (the request had apparently been lost), and then was told that I had to wait longer. It seemed rather ridiculous when I went through it, as it meant two truck rolls for the house keeping the same service level (yea they charge for both, but from their perspective they could still charge both sides and only send someone out once).

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