Shaun Groves Wants to Kick Amy Grant’s Ass

OK, so those are my words not his, but indie artist Shaun Groves (who was recently dropped from Rocketown records, basically thanks to music piracy–it’s a longer story than that, but it would take me too long to find the link–scour around at Shaun’s blog if you like, he’s got lots of insightful stuff) wants to get more downloads at than legend Amy Grant. The song is a free mp3 download–no sign ups, no giving them your e-mail address, no nothing. Just scroll down to Shaun Groves (he’s the third artist, there at the bottom) and click on “Click here to download ‘Miss Texas'”.

And it’s only available today. So get moving.

The song is live piano ballad, not amazing (nor my favorite of Groves’ work), but there’s just something cool about helping an indie artist take down an industry giant. Even if it’s just for bragging rights. It’s like some little puny guy taking down a really big guy–there’s gotta be a biblical metaphor for that. So go download the song.

And since I’m not a fan of the free single, maybe I should put in a plug for the album the song comes from, One Night in Knoxville, a live release available only on Shaun’s site (I thought I saw that somewhere, now I’m not seeing it).

While you’re there you can snag a free Sara Groves (no releation) song as well. I actually like that one better. So maybe Sara can beat Amy Grant.

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