Amazing Grace by Justin McRoberts

Justin McRoberts' Amazing GraceSpeaking of new music, you might want to check out Justin McRoberts’ version of “Amazing Grace”–you can listen to it at MySpace or buy it from iTunes.

There are a only a few songs I’m willing to listen to multiple versions of–U2’s “One” is one of them and “Amazing Grace” is another one (my dad has a CD with nothing but different versions of “Amazing Grace”–that’s a little overboard for my taste).

Justin’s version is backed with the Lily of the Valley Gospel Choir (read more about how the song came together). I got to hear it a few months back when Justin played a rare Green Bay show and we happened to be in Green Bay. He played it off his laptop for me and my first reaction was “It reminds me of ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ from Rattle & Hum.” Justin smiled.

The song is also helping to abolish modern-day slavery in a partnership with The Amazing Change. In conjunction with the new movie Amazing Grace there’s a call to become an abolitionist. Sounds like a familiar idea.

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