A Man Day

Today was about being a man. My wife called today a grown up day, but for me it was a man day. We started off by going out and buying a new car. Well, we didn’t actually sign the papers yet, but we probably will on Monday. So I bought a car.

Then I came home and took apart my clogged drain. Our drain has always been pretty temperamental and a few shots of Drano usually does the trick. But lately it’s been slower than normal and you’ll still find standing water in the sink half an hour after washing your hands. So I took out the drain trap and stopper thing and cleaned everything out. Nothing was completely clogged, but there was a lot of gunk in there. Now it’s free flowing. Yeah.

Both very manly things to do. I think tonight I might watch some movie about action and blowing stuff up. Yeah.

One thought on “A Man Day”

  1. I’d recommend anything with Clint Eastwood, especially Unforgiven. Not too many explosions, but lots of other manly things.

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