Joining the Netflix Crowd

About a month ago we caved in and signed up for Netflix, the home delivery DVD rental company. For less than $20 a month we can have three DVDs at a time with unlimited rentals. We’re finally able to watch all the movies we never get around to renting. So far we’ve seen The Gospel, Rent, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Identity, Batman Begins, Robin Hood, Batteries Not Included, Ice Princess, The Island, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Four, Robots and tonight we’ll sit down to watch National Treasure.

We would have racked up some more but friends let us borrow season one of Veronica Mars, so we’re half way through that. Upcoming rentals include plenty more popcorn movies a few obscure titles and some TV shows on DVD, like Thundercats and a few shows you can only get if you have real cable.

So far I love it. We’re not restricted to the video store’s selection, so we can get all kinds of obscure stuff. They’ve also got every TV show on DVD, which is a great way to check out new shows without having to put down loads of cash for the DVD set or commit to watching at a set time. It worked great to have something new to watch on the plane for my recent business trip. And as long as we go through three or four movies per month it’s still cheaper than the video store. I imagine the only downside is that it encourages even more TV watching. But we watch enough already, so I don’t think it’s making us watch that much more. We already had an addiction.

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