Mazda 5 Shopping

I grew up being obsessed with cars, and while I’m not a complete car nut today, I do still like cars. I like envisioning a new car and trying to figure out what vehicle would be fun to drive and still practical, despite the fact that I can’t afford a new car. But the fact that we have a new kid means potential new car needs. So my head starts spinning.

Yes, I’m a geek.

Today we decided to calm that obsession a bit by going to the dealer and checking out a few cars. That may seem counter-productive, but I think it actually helped. Of course we took Lexi along and I snapped a quick picture of Lexi in the back of a Mazda 5, to Abby’s mortification.

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Hunt with Cheney or Ride with Kennedy?

I'd rather hunt with Dick Cheney than ride with Ted Kennedy.Here I am, back in the realm of politics. My dad sent me this bumper sticker yesterday and even commented on my VP shooting post, which I guess shows you the power of the VP shooting somebody to bring people together. (Which brings up a side question–is it incredibly inappropriate to make jokes about somebody getting shot? Apparently some people think it is if you’re anti-gun, which I don’t think I am, therefore I think I’m good.)

Back to the Cheney-Kennedy bumper sticker. My dad thought it was hilarious enough to pass on, which is something I don’t think I ever remember my dad doing. Ever. So I take a look at the bumper sticker–and I don’t get it.

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The Six Figure FBI Writer

Everybody always says I’m in the wrong business if I want to get rich, but apparently not. I’m just working for the wrong people.

The FBI is hiring a writer and they list the salary range as $91,407-$118,828.

That’s six figures for a writing job. The job description doesn’t sound much different from what I do now, except that it involves a bit more research and it’s the FBI. But still. Six figures.

If you ever wondered why the federal deficit is so high, there’s your answer.

My New Parenting Blog

Yes, it’s an addiction. Get over it.

So I started a new blog this week. It’s a parenting blog called But Dad. I started it mainly at the request of my wife who wanted a place to share cute baby stories and such, though so far I’m using it more than she is. Rather than just cute stories, I’m interested in sharing helpful facts and insights about being a parent. Like my search for the lost changing pad. Or grandparents as a wonderful source for free baby clothes (thanks mom!).

Like most of my blogs, it may not be updated often, but we’ll see how it goes. I have reservations about how much embarrassing info I want to divulge (like the bodily fluids post–though after the update I added I think she’s earned what she gets), though I’m also considering that my right as a parent.

Anne Lamott: Abortion a “Moral Necessity”

I like Anne Lamott. I really do. I even put up with her wacky universalism. But it’s comments like these in a pro-abortion op-ed piece in the L.A. Times that I can’t handle:

It is a moral necessity that we not be forced to bring children into the world for whom we cannot be responsible and adoring and present. We must not inflict life on children who will be resented; we must not inflict unwanted children on society.

Forced? Since when was having sex forced (obviously it happens in rare instances like rape and incest, but that’s not the main discussion here)? Usually it’s a choice to drop your pants and jump in bed. If we must not “inflict life on children who will be resented” than the solution isn’t abortion, it’s abstinence.

I like sex as much as the next guy, but sex has consequences. Wonderful, beautiful consequences. And if you can’t handle those consequences, if you’re not responsible enough, then keep your pants on. If you play with fire, you’re going to get burned.

Sex is not an unalienable right. It’s a responsibility. Maybe that’s a stodgy viewpoint, but it seems pretty basic to me. Ignoring the biological purpose of sex for the benefit of our own pleasure is a bit messed up. I’m all for the pleasure—have fun. But with it comes responsibility. The two can’t be separated. (link via CT’s Weblog)

Vice President Shoots Some Guy

I don’t usually jump into the political realm with this blog, but this story of Vice President Dick Cheney shooting Austin attorney Harry Whittington during a quail hunting trip is just bizarre. Apparently Whittington came up behind the group unannounced and Cheney turned around and sprayed him with buckshot. Whittington is still in the ICU (at last report) but they say he’s doing fine.

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What Do You Believe?

I’m working on a sidebar for an article about apologetics in a Christian magazine and I need some help. I’m looking for quotes about what people believe and I’m hoping you’ll provide the quotes.

So, what do you believe? Specifically about God, eternity, heaven, hell, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc. We’re talking spirituality here, not Santa Claus. I’m especially interested in responses from people who don’t consider themselves to be Christians (or maybe you consider yourself to be a Christian, but certain Christians might scoff at your claim), but I don’t know how much of my blog audience that is, so for the sake of this entry, I hope everyone will chime in.

For the sake of the magazine there are a few guidelines. You’re welcome to ignore the guidelines for the sake of these comments, but do know that for me to use your quote I’ll have to make them fit the guidelines. And those are: Two sentences max. They may be anonymous, but we’d like to give a first name and a city. If you’d like to be anonymous, feel free to make up your own first name. Personally, I’m partial to Xander. I’m also looking for a wide range of beliefs: Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, etc.

Thanks for your help. I’ll start.

I believe we’re messed up people, but God loves us anyway. Jesus Christ came to mop up that messiness with his own blood, which sounds kind of messy and counterproductive, but that’s the way a sacrifice works.
-Kevin, St. Paul

My Very Own Squidoo Lenses

Today I became a lensmaster.

No, that’s Lens Crafters. And no, it’s not some D&D thing. It’s another funky Web 2.0 deal (I hate the ‘Web 2.0’ lingo, but it’s practical. What are you gonna do?) like Flickr or MySpace. It’s part of Squidoo, a site that lets you create lenses for things you’re an expert on. Essentially, you create single web page that acts as a lens on a specific topic. You fill the page with info and links about said topic to educate the random web surfer.

Where it gets interesting is that each lens can make some cash. Each lens has Google ads on the side and you can link to Amazon or other retailers and earn referral fees. The cash generated goes to Squidoo, charity and lensmasters like me (and potentially you).

So you essentially get paid to be an expert. Not a bad deal.

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