What Do You Believe?

I’m working on a sidebar for an article about apologetics in a Christian magazine and I need some help. I’m looking for quotes about what people believe and I’m hoping you’ll provide the quotes.

So, what do you believe? Specifically about God, eternity, heaven, hell, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, etc. We’re talking spirituality here, not Santa Claus. I’m especially interested in responses from people who don’t consider themselves to be Christians (or maybe you consider yourself to be a Christian, but certain Christians might scoff at your claim), but I don’t know how much of my blog audience that is, so for the sake of this entry, I hope everyone will chime in.

For the sake of the magazine there are a few guidelines. You’re welcome to ignore the guidelines for the sake of these comments, but do know that for me to use your quote I’ll have to make them fit the guidelines. And those are: Two sentences max. They may be anonymous, but we’d like to give a first name and a city. If you’d like to be anonymous, feel free to make up your own first name. Personally, I’m partial to Xander. I’m also looking for a wide range of beliefs: Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, etc.

Thanks for your help. I’ll start.

I believe we’re messed up people, but God loves us anyway. Jesus Christ came to mop up that messiness with his own blood, which sounds kind of messy and counterproductive, but that’s the way a sacrifice works.
-Kevin, St. Paul

4 thoughts on “What Do You Believe?”

  1. I honestly do not know what to believe. I want to believe in the whole Christianity thing, but cannot make my mind get over both evolution and conflicting religions.
    Gary – College Station

  2. I believe in the perfection of the human body and of nature as a whole, functioning entity. I believe that a root for the driving force of that perfection through chaos exists in everything, and that it is my duty as a thinking thing to realize that root within myself.
    Joanna – Nomad, Midwest

    PS – This reminds me of the series on NPR, ‘This, I believe’. If you haven’t heard it, you should check it out – it’s pretty good.

  3. I am small, I know that. That’s what I always come back to; sometimes I need my bones broken.

    Eddie- Minneapolis, Minnesota

  4. I believe in God the Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ and in The Holy Ghost.

    Annie – Provo, Utah

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