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I grew up being obsessed with cars, and while I’m not a complete car nut today, I do still like cars. I like envisioning a new car and trying to figure out what vehicle would be fun to drive and still practical, despite the fact that I can’t afford a new car. But the fact that we have a new kid means potential new car needs. So my head starts spinning.

Yes, I’m a geek.

Today we decided to calm that obsession a bit by going to the dealer and checking out a few cars. That may seem counter-productive, but I think it actually helped. Of course we took Lexi along and I snapped a quick picture of Lexi in the back of a Mazda 5, to Abby’s mortification.

The Mazda 5 (or is Mazda5, no space?) is the car I’m seriously thinking about. Of course “seriously” would mean waiting another ten months for us to pay off the Jetta, making sure we can handle all our other loan payments and possibly coming into a small fortune. Cars aren’t good for cash flow. Especially second cars. We’ve lasted five years with only one car, though I’m not sure how much longer that will last.

But if I could afford a new car, I think that’s the one I’d get. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the Mazda 5 is basically a mini-minivan. It’s the small, practical vehicle like what’s popular in Europe. It has three rows and sliding doors just like a minivan, but that’s about the only comparison. It seats six and the middle row of seats are fully and independently adjustable, so when you’re giving your full-size adult friends a ride they can actually have full-size legroom. The third row seats are definitely tight on space, but an adult could survive a short trip back there and kids would be fine back there. With the third row of seats up there’s not much cargo space in the back. A duffel back maybe. But when you put the third row down you’ve got more space than a small SUV or wagon.

That kind of flexibility is what we’re looking for. With one kid and two dogs we need flexible space. A small wagon like the Ford Focus can only seat four when one is riding in a car seat, thanks to a middle seat that hardly qualifies as a seat and gargantuan car seats. The Mazda 5, however, still easily fits six, even if you had two car seats. And a small SUV like a Ford Escape on Mazda Tribute seems great, until you realize that big SUV size (even for a small SUV) means it’s the same cargo space or less, just higher off the ground. And neither the Focus nor the Escape have any kind of adjustable back seats.

So yet again I find myself turning traitor on my dad and not going Ford. Well, we haven’t done it yet, but I still have some guilt. At least this time I could partly asuage that guilt by saying I’m supporting my brother.

Now all I need to do is wait. Wait for Mazda to add audio inputs to their stereo (for the iPod of course), wait for better interest rates (what happened to 0%?), and wait for that pesky cash flow.

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  1. we only had one car for the first five years we were married, too. now we work in opposite directions and had to enter the world of the two-car household. that extra $300 a month we spend on a car payment and insurance basically sucks.

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