May the Force Be With You Star Wars T-shirt

May the force be with you Star Wars T-shirt front And also with you T-shirt back
In honor of the final installment of the Star Wars double trilogy, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, I present a fancy new T-shirt. It’s a white “ringer” T-shirt with a black band on the edge of the sleeves and collar (or I suppose you could get blue or orange, but that’d look stupid).

The front says: May the force be with you.

The back says: And also with you.

Get it? A little Star Wars/liturgical humor for you. On a T-shirt no less! Ha! And it can be yours for the low, low price of $18.99 $15.99. Get ’em while they’re hot!

And I mean that. The article the other day about T-shirt sales inspired me, and I’m thinking of doing a T-shirt a month–but only one per month. Come the end of the month we’ll switch to something new, so you snooze, you lose. No more hilarious Star Wars T-shirt. It’s a goofy plan which fits nicely with Cafepress’s requirement that basic shops can only sell one of each item. And it’s more fun that way. Means I have to come up with a new geeky T-shirt every month.

I’ll vouch that Cafepress T-shirts are pretty nice. They need a wash after you first get them, but they hold up pretty well. And if you look around on the net, sometimes you can find Cafepress coupons (Shh… don’t tell).

Update: Caving to pressure, I’ve dropped the price to $15.99, though I doubt that’s going to appease either complaintant. Sorry folks, print on-demand T-shirts ain’t cheap. At this price I’m making $1 per shirt, which is probably fair considering the work I put in to it. The other option would be to have everyone order shirts and at the end of the month I’ll put in the order, print them and distribute them. But that requires work. And somehow I can’t see many of you being interested in that. But maybe you would be. The price could probably drop signifcantly. Comment away if you’d be interested in that system.

Though as I told someone today, I’m not trying to get into the T-shirt business.

11 thoughts on “May the Force Be With You Star Wars T-shirt”

  1. If this wasn’t a ringer T and didn’t cost $12 too much, I think you’d have me. I love the idea Kevin.


  2. Designer outfit? By who? Luz Claiborne? It’s not bad for a custom T-shirt… I think you guys are used to Target and colleges being able to mass produce and make cheap t-shirts. I’ll probably get it soon here.

  3. What, you want my receipts? I happen to be one of the best bargain shoppers in the history of bargain shoppers. And not one single item of clothing in my wardrobe is from Target, KMart, Wal-mart or any cheapy equivalent. And yes, I got a designer outfit from Macy’s a month ago for $24 because I know how to shop.

  4. Hey Kevin,

    I’m not much for buying T-shirts, but this one did make me laugh. Someone needs to wear one of these to church.


  5. The pastor from our church in Maple Grove would get a big kick out of it.

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