If It Hertz, You Drive

Just don’t try to use the Hertz web site. It sucks. This summer I’m attending a wedding halfway across the country and I’m trying to figure out how to get there. Driving is an option and I wanted to look into rental prices, especially after hearing that some rental companies have hybrids available.

So I went to Hertz’s site to check prices, only to find that their site requires a funky right-frame feature that didn’t work in Firefox or Safari, making it impossible to check rates or make a reservation online. To find out most other information, you need to launch a pop-up window which was automatically blocked by both Firefox and Safari, forcing me to disable it to do much else.

I decided to send them a comment about using their web site, hoping that just maybe they could improve the user experience and possibly answer my question through e-mail. But no:

We’re Sorry

The function that you have requested is temporarily not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Wow. That’s suckage on a massive level.

3 thoughts on “If It Hertz, You Drive”

  1. I hate frames. Ugh! I just hate them.

    Their site is totally ugly, but it seems functional for me. Are you on Tiger yet? It may work if/when you upgrade. Not that you’d upgrade just for that, but… you know.

  2. That sucks. It would be cool to rent a hybrid. We’re sort of hoping that the next car we buy will be a hybrid, but they might still be too expensive. That, and it’s difficult to find any available.

    We’ve loyally rented from Alamo because the first time we rented a car they upgraded us free of charge from a Geo to a fully loaded Camry. But the last two trips we went on we had poor customer service, so we’re planning to go with something else on our next trip.

  3. By the way, speaking of weird browser incompatibilities…

    The Daily Show has video clips on their website that are compatible with Mozilla, but not with Firefox. Even weirder, they stream better with Mozilla than they do with Internet Explorer, even though they’re Windows Media files.

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