Audio Adrenaline T-Shirt Brings in Cash at Missions Dinner

I’ve had a busy few days. Last night my youth group held their annual missions dinner, and the night before I went to the Audio Adrenaline/Toby Mac/Kutless/Hawk Nelson show. Whew.

But the fun part is the odd combination of the two. Since I scored some “meet & greet” passes we decided to buy an Audio Adrenaline T-shirt and have it autographed to auction at the Missions Dinner. Every year we auction the leftovers, as well as a few more desirable items, usually artwork.

But the meet & greet offerings were pretty slim. Guitarist Tyler Burkum was the only Audio Adrenaline member to show. Toby Mac was there as well, but, well, he’s Toby Mac. We had an awkward exchange with Toby where we shook his hand and tried to keep him from signing our shirt. By the way, how old is Toby Mac?

So with one autograph and the classy “meet & greet” sticker plastered to the front, we brought the authentic concert T-shirt to the Missions Dinner not really expecting much. At least I wasn’t. Sure, a few eager parents may listen to their teen’s pleas and bid on it, but how much would they really pay?

Turns out a lot. After a lengthy bidding war between a number of parents, the price finally topped out at $300, which I believe made it the most expensive item we auctioned. Big time thanks to everyone who made bids and donated. All the cash will go to our youth group’s summer missions trip.

What did I go home with? Leftover meatballs and two loaves of bread that mysteriously multiplied into four. Mmm… missions.

4 thoughts on “Audio Adrenaline T-Shirt Brings in Cash at Missions Dinner”

  1. Dude!? I guess I need to get my friend Tyler to sign some junk for me so I can auction it off … for a good cause, of course ;-)

  2. Teens Pitch In

    I love these stories: A middle school youth group in San Diego raised $24,000 for One Life Revolution, an organization fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa. On my personal blog I talked about my own youth group squeezing $300 out of an…

  3. Church auctions are great fundraisers. Your Aunt JoAnne makes rosaries out of sterling silver wire and semiprecious stones. She also uses sterling silver for the crucifix and the rosary medal. She donates 4 or 5 of these to our annual parrish dinner dance and auction. They usually sell for well over $100 each. She does beautiful work and they are highly sought after. Uncle Doug

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