Chick Places Fourth at Indy

All the buzz at Indy this year was the fact that Danica Patrick became the first woman to lead a lap of the Indy 500 and her fourth place finish is the highest a woman has ever placed. All of that brought the best TV ratings for the 500 in a decade. Woo-hoo.

But does anybody care about Indy racing anymore? I know some of you think NASCAR is boring, but Indy has to rank higher on the yawn scale.

In another peculiar development, NASCAR driver and former Indy driver Robby Gordon complained that Danica Patrick’s 100-pound frame was an unfair advantage. Some point to other athletes with physical advantages (Shaq) and say that’s the way sports are. Maybe Robby Gordon should just go on a diet.

Biking For Work in St. Paul

I biked almost 15 miles today. I didn’t mean to, it just sort of happened. It started as a quick morning bike ride as exercise of sorts. Not that I usually exercise. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’m usually sedentary man, with occassional bursts of exercise so rare they require blog updates. But I recently landed a freelance job to rewrite the trail guide I helped put together five years ago, and that means lots of biking. So I set out this morning for a quick ride to get back in the saddle.

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$17 Billion Lawn

Marketing guru Seth Godin points us to the history of the American lawn, something I’ve gone off on before. The green lawn is a recent invention, not popularized until the 1800s, and it wasn’t until the early 1900s that we had a decent grass seed.

Now Americans have become weekend warriors trying to keep the most immaculate lawn. Supposedly it’s a $17 billion industry (we spend $17 billion on “outdoor home improvements” every year, which sounds like more than grass, but the context implies lawn maintenance), which makes for quite the marketing story. It’s very akin to Godin’s new book, All Marketers Are Liars (he quickly admits they’re not liars, just storytellers, and as consumers we love a good story).


A lot of bloggers are linking to AutoBlogger and its Apple Switch spoof ad. I won’t use the same tired joke that I’ve been using AutoBlogger and that’s how I manage to post on umpteen different blogs all day long. You all know I’m just a freelancer who works at home and really does write all those blog entries all day long.

I’m a blogger, and I have no life.

Reflections on Star Wars

Tonight I’ll be seeing the final chapter of the Star Wars saga. I’ve been reading about it and writing about it for weeks and weeks and weeks, and then some more and more until we’re done.

Whew. My complaints about Episodes I & II have been heard before, though I still agree with people who say Mmm… Star Wars. As much as Lucas mucks it up with stuff like Jar Jar Binks and sappy love scenes, I still love Star Wars.

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Monkey Outta Nowhere Blog Network

In case you haven’t heard I’ve launched a few new blogs as part of the Monkey Outta Nowhere Blog Network. Check it out:

That’s my new blogging network. And if you really like to get your full dose of Kevin, you can check out the blog network page where I run the latest 20 entries from all my network blogs. No one’s expressed interest in an RSS feed that does that, though if you do I can try to tinker around with it.

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