Lowest Traffic Ever

I’m pretty far from what anyone would call a pro-blogger (though Steve is making his predictions), but this last week has been an interesting experience in approaching pro-blogging.

As you know, I “launched” a number of blogs recently and one of the blogs has been getting a ton of traffic for a post about Darth Vader at Burger King, mainly thanks to the popularity of that search on Google and my site showing up on the first page of results. For a couple days I was getting over 500 visits per day, primarily thanks to Google. Over the weekend it appears I slipped from the Google results and my traffic fell as well. You can see the graph, which actually makes it look pretty comical. I don’t know if the drop in traffic is just a weekend thing or not, but yesterday I recorded the worst traffic for my domain since January 2. Ouch. Since I’m not appearing on the Google results, I’m guessing the traffic won’t come back up very quickly. Though hopefully a few people liked what they saw and will stick around. That’s the goal.

In terms of hard and fast cash, we’re not talking about much. All that traffic brought in less than $10. Which is more than I’ve ever made in a month from blog ads, so I’ll take it. But if I do ever make fast cash from ads, this is a good reminder that it’s not reliable.

Anyway, it’s a fun little dorky experience to share. I realize most of you probably don’t care, but I’m a geek about numbers and graphs. Mmm… stats.

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